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A Time To Heal Beyond Survival International Ministries

Inside of every hurting woman is the desire to heal, a craving for freedom, and the desire to return to the woman she was originally designed and created to be. The heartbeat of A Time to Heal Beyond Survival is to help women who have struggled in the areas of rape, sexual abuse/assault or are a survivor of sex trafficking reach these goals by ministering the love, compassion, and transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Whether you are an individual, pastor, professional counselor, or leader in ministry, if you feel the Holy Spirit calling you to be His hands and feet, helping women find hope and healing after tragedy, this manual is for you. In this resource, you’ll find everything you need to start a small group, develop a leadership team, ask the right questions and find biblical answers as you take women through an 8-week journey toward healing. Each week’s lesson contains anointed biblical teaching guiding women toward a personal relationship with Jesus, healing through the Scriptures, and practical application. From your first meeting until your closing celebration, this manual enables and empowers you to help women overcome their past and reclaim their future. This Leader Manual is intended to be used alongside the A Time To Heal Beyond Survival Teaching Videos. The videos can be purchased on this website.

“He leads me beside still waters; He restores my soul.” Psalm 23:2-3

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Symptoms of Trauma Associated with Rape, Sexual Abuse, or Sex Trafficking.

  • Depression and/or thoughts of suicide
  • Anxiety and phobias (specific and generalized)
  • Anger/Hostility directed at self, others and God
  • Substance abuse (alcohol, medication, food, etc)
  • Self-medicating, pain management
  • Denial of victimization, suppression or minimization: self-blame, shame and/or guilt
  • Negative self-image/worthlessness, abusive relationships, extremely poor self-care
  • Loss of sense of meaning, purpose, faith
  • Self-destructive/impulsive behaviors; promiscuity, eating disorders, self-mutilation, revictimization
  • Impaired relationships/sexual problems, significant trust problems, rejection of sexuality and sex
  • Sense of being permanently damaged or dirty
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

If you have suffered, or still suffer from these symptoms, A Time To Heal Beyond Survival is here for you. There is no shame. There is no condemnation. There is simply hope. A Time to Heal Beyond Survival is segmented into three specialized ministry groups that provide confidential and safe environments where women and teens may experience, healing, wholeness and restoration.




RESCUED Weekend Retreat for Women & Teens

For women and teens who are struggling with the after-affects of the trauma of rape, sexual abuse or were a victim of sex-trafficking. Whether you are well on your way toward healing, or have never uttered a word about what has happened to you, this retreat will help lead you beyond your individual patterns of mere survival, and direct you to the pathway of restoration and abundant living.




A Time to Heal Beyond Survival Leader Trainings

A Time to Heal Beyond Survival Leader Trainings are held several times a year. If you are unable to attend one of the Pittsburgh trainings, Sue is also available to come and hold a training in your area upon your invitation. A Time To Heal Beyond Survival partners with local churches, Pregnancy Resource Centers, and Christian Ministry Organizations to train and equip them to minister to abused women in their communities. Our ministry does not endorse independent functioning in A Time To Heal Beyond Survival apart from local churches, Pregnancy Resource Centers, and/or Christian Ministry Organizations, and will not be able to endorse the curriculum outside of this policy.

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