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A time to Heal Beyond Survival is a ministry of God’s heart and Love as the true source for women struggling with the trauma of rape, sexual abuse, sex-trafficking or any individual with deep emotional pain, or feelings of brokenness. This ministry skillfully unpacks biblical principles, scriptures and life transforming changes for individuals to know their true source for healing. Transformation begins with tragedy and ends with the Victory of God’s unconditional Love. What would take months or years of counseling “A time to Heal Beyond Survival “can help victims to release emotional pain, heal and reclaim a life of hope, forgiveness, and wholeness from one of shame and guilt. A Time to Heal Beyond Survival educates women to take back what was stolen, to restore inner beauty and encourages them to reclaim the truth about who they are in Christ. You can come from behind the mask, stop hiding and enjoy the freedom, victory and the life God created specifically for you as “A daughter of the King.” God’s Love can transform tragedy to victory and freedom.Linda C. Shutok-LeRoy, LPC, NCC, Christian Therapist/First Responder/Chaplin Christ in Action

“A Time to Heal Beyond Survival is an invaluable tool for helping women, teens, and men who have suffered from all kinds of abuse on their journey towards wholeness and healing. I continually apply the Biblical principles that I learned in the leader’s training in women’s ministry, one-on-one pastoral counseling, and even in my own daily life.  Sue is passionate about the Lord and her desire for men, women and teens to experience His love and walk in His plans and full purposes for their lives.  Any investment into this ministry and its curriculum is an investment in eternity as lives are transformed by the power and truth of God’s Word.”Rev. Shannon M. Nass, Pastoral Counselor and Director, Redeeming Love Outreach


“I came to A Time to Heal Beyond Survival Just for Men with hate in my heart. Eight weeks later, I am now leaving with love in my heart.”R.K.

“After having counseling, therapy, and medication for 9 years, I thought I would never receive a full healing from the traumatic effects of my rape. This program brought me full-circle and has brought complete healing to my mind, body, soul, and spirit. What a blessing and gift I have been given, and my full healing has come!”Leslie

“After surviving an abusive marriage I never thought I would be whole again. I had taken upon myself every curse and foul name that was spoken over me by my ex-husband. Through this ministry, I came to see myself in God’s eyes as His precious daughter. He restored to me all that was robbed from my life emotionally, physically, and spiritually. I now walk as a whole woman – strong, upright, purposeful, and with my eyes toward heaven. His healing is truly complete.”Margaret

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